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Laguna Mobilization 2/21 Writers' Group

The Way I See It - By Jack Crawford

African Disunity and White Supremacy - Our Greatest Challenges

Those of you who are familiar with my point of view have probably heard me constantly advocate our need to oppose white supremacy all the time. To eliminate white supremacy is to make a way for a solution to all the economic, social and political problems facing African people all over the world.

I had a talk the other day with one of my closest personal mentors who disputed this premise. As a lifelong scholar and now professor of African studies, and a person whose efforts and heart have always been dedicated to the advancement of our people, his words were simple but so true. "It is not white supremacy that is the root cause of our problems, it is African disunity!" He said:

I can go on forever. I don't like saying these things about us and you don't like hearing it. But it's true. The our enemies planted the seeds of disunity into our thinking a long time ago. Read Len Hubbard's piece on Willie Lynch. Those seeds grew into a world dominated by white supremacy and African peoples from all over that don't recognize their most basic common interests. A world where we bought into lies about us, our history, our value as people, our ability to succeed and our spiritual selves. The result is the disunited African community of today. And our enemies know this. Whenever they perceive the possibility that we might unify they place maximum efforts toward making sure we remain divided. (Popular examples of the tools of recent vintage: Cointelpro; ready availability of drugs and guns; assassination of or discrediting any leader who could not be bought; poor, Eurocentricly-based education).

We cannot end white supremacy as a concept. However, if we reeducate ourselves and reorient our thinking to stop hating us and all the things that remind us of us, we will win. Unity of all African is the way out. Remember, it is not the names calls you that matters. What masters is which names to which you answer.

It is fine to oppose white supremacy all the time, everyplace we go, everyplace we are with vigor and strength. White supremacy is our enemy (and the enemy of white people, too). However, we can't unilaterally control it. But, we can affect how we individually perceive the world and ourselves. White supremacy cannot flourish where African unity exists. We can control our destiny. (jc 10-22-93)

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